Tips To Write Keyword-Optimized Article To Rank High On Google

Write Keyword-Optimized Article

What’s the best way to earn traffic to your old posts? Make them search-engine friendly. The search engine is the only method that you can get traffic from your earliest articles. In this post, let’s talk about some ways to write keyword-optimized articles that can help your site rank better in search engines.

Add keywords to post title and meta title

These two are different. The former is the title that your reader sees. The former is shown in search results. However, if you forget to specify a meta title, your post title will automatically be used as the meta title.

You must also add the keywords to meta description. But it’s tricky here because you need to add them within the 156-character restriction. Make sure that the description is enticing enough so your users will click on it.

Use image alt attribute

Although Google is smart, it still can’t read images. But through image alt attribute, you’re helping the search engine to recognize your image. The attribute will explain to the search engine what the image is all about. Then, make sure to use proper image names and avoid generic, like image1.jpg. The image’s name must be relevant to the photo.

Write Keyword-Optimized Article

Link to your old blog posts

It’s ideal that you link back to your old blog posts. In this way, readers will have a reason to stick around for a longer period. Search engines will also re-crawl your old posts. Linking to your old site helps in reducing bounce rate.

Use headings

Don’t forget to use proper h1, h2, and h3 heading tags. For effective SEO writing, make sure to use correct heading tags. Use keywords in those tags. The headings will also make your content readable for the users and the search engine. Headings will help Google understand the topic of your post. In that way, it can give the post the proper ranking.

Think about your message before writing

Before you start writing, make sure that you know what you want to tell your readers. What’s the article’s purpose? What would you like your readers to do after reading the article? Write the answers down before you begin writing.

When writing, make sure that you have a clear structure. That is, it must have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Your post must use paragraphs but only start a new line if it makes sense and not because it looks nice.

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