Things to Remember When Hiring an SEO Agency

Hiring SEO Agency

If you’re considering hiring an SEO agency, you should take the time to consider all options carefully. You need to conduct an intensive research and analysis. By doing a thorough research, you’ll know the agency well before committing to a long-term relationship. Communication The SEO agency that you should work with must embrace the same […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Making Mobile Websites

Mistakes to Avoid When Making Mobile Websites image

Mobile searches are increasing, forcing Google to launch a mobile ranking algorithm. That is, if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, it might be penalized. Thus, it’s time for you to work on your mobile websites. However, it’s a must that you don’t just put a mobile site because Google recommends it. For the success of your […]

Google Showing Mobile Friendly Sites Higher on Mobile Device Search

  Mobile browsing is fast gaining popularity. And Google wants to make sure that websites become mobile friendly. Google started ranking mobile friendly sites higher and also highlights them with a mobile friendly tag. The latest development shows the importance of mobile friendly sites. Recently, Google sent out warnings via email and web master tools […]