Things You Must Know About SEO Traffic

Things You Must Know About SEO Traffic

The majority of consumers start their buying process with a search engine, which is a popular marketing channel. Marketers understand its importance, so they include it as part of their overall marketing strategy. If you wish to incorporate it in your marketing tactic, you need an SEO expert to assist you. That’s because SEO is […]

White Hat SEO Techniques You Must Try

White Hat SEO Techniques You Must Try

There are two types of doing the search engine optimization — white hat and black hat. The latter yields positive results in a short term. But it is known to be harmful in the long run. If you don’t want your site to be penalized, make sure that you only implement white hat SEO techniques. […]

SEO Mistakes That are Hurting Your Business

SEO Mistakes Hurting Business

If you have an online business, you shouldn’t focus on just having a great design. You also need to look into ways on how to improve your online visibility. Remember that the primary factor that affects your online profile is the search engine ranking. SEO Mistakes Hurting Business These days, the majority of buyers research […]

How to Clean Your SEO Strategy?

Clean SEO Strategy

Cleaning means getting rid of things that you don’t need. Some SEO specialists don’t think that an SEO strategy doesn’t need cleaning. But it does. Here at SEO Expert Danny, we constantly monitor and clean some plans to ensure that they’re still useful in today’s SEO. It’s important to evaluate the efficiency of your SEO […]

Why You Must Be Cautious About Pay Performance SEO?

Must Cautious Pay Performance SEO

Pay for performance SEO is something that you must consider very carefully. Just like other things in life, you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on things that provide you with little to no value. When it comes to SEO, it’s always a good idea to only pay for performance. Unfortunately, there are so […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Making Mobile Websites

Mistakes to Avoid When Making Mobile Websites image

Mobile searches are increasing, forcing Google to launch a mobile ranking algorithm. That is, if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, it might be penalized. Thus, it’s time for you to work on your mobile websites. However, it’s a must that you don’t just put a mobile site because Google recommends it. For the success of your […]

Is It Possible to do Local SEO Yourself?

Is it Possible to do Local SEO Yourself

The answer to this common question is “yes.” It’s possible to do local SEO yourself. But, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Before you tackle it on your own, make sure that you have an in-depth knowledge of what is involved. Bear in mind that local SEO isn’t just about content creation and […]

How to Market Small Business Online?

How to Market Small Business Online

Small businesses today have more ways to market themselves. But it can be difficult to find a marketing method that fits into your small budget and very limited resource. You may use social media marketing because it’s free. But it’s time-consuming. It is also the same with blogging. So, how are you going to market […]