How To Mix UX And SEO In Improving Your Site’s Performance?

How To Mix UX And SEO In Improving Your Site’s Performance

UX (user experience) and SEO go hand in hand. They are a perfect match in improving your site’s performance. Nowadays, one cannot stand without the other. That’s because UX focuses on people. Its decisions are based on design preferences and industry trends. SEO, on the other hand, focuses on your actual site and the data […]

What is Quality Content for Google?

What is Quality Content for Google

Google utilizes sophisticated algorithm. For that reason, it is difficult for your site to reach a higher rank. That’s why SEO has been created to help businesses in getting their sites ranked high on the search engines. Some tricks are worth your time and money; while others are rarely worth it. Instead, hire an SEO […]

Personalize Your Content to Boost Conversions

Personalize Your Content Boost Conversions

With so many articles available online, people tend to get fed up with banal content that’s irrelevant to their interests. That’s why it’s important for marketers to personalize their content to boost their conversions. Why personalization increases your conversions? At SEO Expert Danny, we believe that customization is essential. There are an endless number of […]

Search Engine Optimization Today – Quality Links are Better Than Quantity

High Quality Links

Search engine optimization is a tough campaign. There are different opinions about the best way to be on the top rank. You can find websites that offer services of thousands of backlinks that will be delivered within a day or two. But this type of strategy can be damaging to your site as Google wants […]