Is It Possible to do Local SEO Yourself?

Is it Possible to do Local SEO Yourself

The answer to this common question is “yes.” It’s possible to do local SEO yourself. But, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Before you tackle it on your own, make sure that you have an in-depth knowledge of what is involved. Bear in mind that local SEO isn’t just about content creation and […]

Do You Still Need SEO When Your Social Media Page is Ranking Well?

Social Media Page is Ranking Well

The short answer to it is “yes.” Despite the many benefits of a social media page, you still need to implement search engine optimization. However, these days, you can’t only have one. That is, you must have both a social media page and a website for a better search engine ranking. Social media have its […]

Google Releases the Full Version of Their Search Quality Rating Guidelines

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For the first time in history, Google releases the full version of their search quality rating guidelines. It’s a 160-page PDF and it contains all the guidelines that the company is using to assess the quality of its search results. Why released it now? The reason for its release is the increasing number of people […]