Mobile Marketing Tips Designed For Small Business

Mobile Marketing Tips Designed For Small Business

Mobile marketing is a different way to market your product or business. That’s because you are getting directly in front of your customers using the devices they are using, like tablets and smartphones. Whether through a text message, emails or social media, mobile marketing can boost your sales each time you send coupons or promotions […]

How Your Mobile Search Strategy Should Be?

How Your Mobile Search Strategy Should Be

More and more people are using their smartphones to browse the net. For that reason, mobile search has become essential. These people use the Google search engine to find information. As the number one discovery resource, your site should have mobile-first search strategies in place. Unfortunately, most websites still lack these strategies. Some treat mobile […]

What are the Breakpoints of a Responsive Web Design?

Breakpoints Responsive Web Design

When it comes to deciding where to add breakpoints in responsive design, you might think about basing it on common screen sizes. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as “standard screen sizes.” Some might consider creating a breakpoint where the layout breaks. But no one could precisely determine whether the design is broken. But you should […]

What are the Benefits of a Responsive Web Design?

Benefits Responsive Web Design

Having a responsive web design is vital to your site’s success. That’s because smartphone and tablet use is rapidly increasing. With the rising popularity of mobile devices, the approach in web designing and user experience have changed dramatically. But what are the advantages of a responsive web design? It offers an excellent user experience. No […]

Can a Responsive Design Beat a Separate Mobile Site?

Can Responsive Design Beat a Separate Mobile Site

A mobile responsive design has transformed from being just an idea to philosophy. It has continued to change forward, and it’s getting stronger than ever. But why designers opt for responsive design, instead of choosing a separate mobile site? It’s better for SEO. Google suggests that responsive design is the best practice. And if Google […]

Healthy Redesigning Strategies

Healthy Redesigning Strategies

Healthy redesigning strategies focus on improving the user experience. A website is so intuitive that a visitor can find the information that he or she needs efficiently. The user experience is everything a site redesign. If your site is cluttered and it’s difficult to navigate, your users will leave immediately. Here are some healthy redesigning […]

Web Designs to Avoid That Can Kill Conversion

Web Designs to Avoid That Can Kill Conversion image

Optimizing your website design for conversions is enough to drive you nuts. But mastering it can boost your revenue while it can improve profit to new heights. The conversion rate isn’t all about content. It’s an essential part of your website that must not be overlooked. If you have wrong design elements, you won’t achieve […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Making Mobile Websites

Mistakes to Avoid When Making Mobile Websites image

Mobile searches are increasing, forcing Google to launch a mobile ranking algorithm. That is, if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, it might be penalized. Thus, it’s time for you to work on your mobile websites. However, it’s a must that you don’t just put a mobile site because Google recommends it. For the success of your […]

Google will Penalize Websites that are not Mobile Friendly Website on April 21st

Anyone whose website is not mobile friendly website risks losing web traffic, along with facing an appreciable drop in search engine rank some time to come, Google says. The software giant began sending webmasters warnings back in January for failing to comply with mobile best practices. The warnings appear to have been a foreboding of […]