Lawyer Reputation Management: Why It’s Important

Lawyer Reputation Management

While it is important to focus on law firm SEO for your legal website, you also need to underscore the importance of lawyer reputation management. This is crucial, as website visitors also read your reviews – comments that may also affect the bounce rates on your site. Lawyer Reputation Management: Why It Matters According to […]

How a Robust Link-Building Strategy Can Boost Attorney SEO

Attorney SEO

Creating a meaningful connection with clients is central to the health of your law practice. To get individuals to reach out and make contact via your website, having strong attorney SEO is paramount. Creating a dynamic SEO strategy is an absolute must in order to stay competitive in the digital marketing arena, and one strategic […]

The Value of Video Testimonials on Law Firm’s Websites

SEO Law Firms

Testimonials, per se, can help you earn potential clients’ trust. The reason for this is that people trust other people more than they trust marketing collateral. Thus, testimonials can add more weight to their decision of whether or not they hire your firm. But to further help them in their decision-making, you may add video […]

Lawyer SEO Marketing: Do You Need SEO for Your Modern Law Firm?

lawyer SEO marketing.

Every modern law firm needs new clients every day to survive. Indeed, there are online marketing methods you can implement. But nothing close to the benefits of lawyer SEO marketing.   Lawyer SEO Marketing and Organic Search  Nothing can beat the power of organic search. But to earn the benefits of organic search, your legal […]

Lawyer Marketing Company to Optimize Zero-Click Searches

lawyer marketing company

Improving search ranking is good for your business. Yes, even to your legal site. Many lawyers now are working with a lawyer marketing company to help them improve their SEO.  But why it’s important?  SEO is about optimizing your legal site to ensure that it appears at the top of the search results. However, many […]

Lawyer SEO Marketing: The Importance of Google My Business Profile

lawyer SEO marketing

Google My Business Profile is a convenient tool to manage your legal site’s presence online. It’s simple to update. If you use our lawyer SEO marketing service, we’ll adjust it for you.  But you may wonder why it’s an important part of your marketing campaign?  The information about your law firm on GMP must be […]