What Are The Changes In Search Engines?

Search is still the number one way people use to look for products and services. And it’s a dominant method to reach potential clients online. Google, for instance, boasts more than 3.5 billion searches a day. So following  the changes in Search Engines is an essential part of your overall Digital Marketing Strategy. Before, the […]

Google Launches Basic Antivirus Features To Its Chrome For Windows

Antivirus software isn’t perfect. You’ll have to perform a trial and error to find out what can work for your system. Still, Google launches Basic Antivirus features as an attempt to make things easier for you. The built-in antivirus program offers a new way to check if the settings have been hacked through a rogue […]

A Tweak in Google Images Search Results

Google remains the most popular search engine available, despite the ongoing effort of other Bing, Yahoo, and other platforms. That’s why the company continues to improve its services so that it’ll remain the most popular search engine. They go through a constant update. Lately, it wants to help fashionista in maintaining their style. With Google […]

SEJ Summit in 2016 – What to Look Forward to?

Our award-winning search engine marketing consultant Danny Star is one of the attendees of this year’s SEJ Summit. The Search Engine Journal sponsors this summit, which is considered as a highly anticipated gathering of digital marketers across the US. The SEJ Summit in 2016 is a boutique marketing for big brand marketers. Unfortunately, it’s an […]

Obtaining Satisfying Mobile Search Results after Utilizing Google Mobile Algorithm

google mobile

It has become common to see people taking coffee while engrossed in their Smart devices, whether phones or tablets in recent years. This social trend could compel business owners at all places to consider content management with more seriousness. The primary aspect of importance for any business keen on engaging their mobile audience is having […]

Google Signed Contract with Twitter to Include it in SERP Results

Finding out and staying on top of all of the latest strategies involved in getting your website and business the best results possible can seem like an impossible task. The rules seem like they are always changing, with search engines like Google changing their criteria all of the time in what is most important in […]

Free SEO Google docs tools you should be using

Are you a SEO expert? There are a number of free Google docs, which you might be missing. The good things is, they can help you in organizing your SEO work and at the end of the day, make your work stand out. Isn’t this what you want? The good news with the SEO and […]