Tools That You Can Use for Your Blog

Tools That You Can Use for Your Blog

A blog is a useful tool in your site that can bring in more traffic, as long as you post regularly. According to Neil Patel, a site with updated blog content can generate 55 percent more visitors than those that do not. Most small business owners could not afford to hire a full-time webmaster to […]

Using My Activity Privacy Tool of Google

Using My Activity Privacy Tool of Google

Google is known to collect information when its users browse the Internet through Google’s browser. It also collects data when they use its apps and services. But do you ever wonder what type of data that the company collects from you? Introducing My Activity Privacy Tool. It is a new tool that allows you to […]

Google Algorithm Conversion – Will Your Site Survive?

Google Algorithm Conversion - Will Your Site Survive

Most of the time, website owners get caught in the sand when Google updates its algorithm conversion. Recently, Google encouraged businesses to ensure that their sites load quickly and flawlessly on any mobile devices. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t announce when its next algorithm update will happen, even though it makes small tweaks and overhauls all the […]

How to Market Small Business Online?

How to Market Small Business Online

Small businesses today have more ways to market themselves. But it can be difficult to find a marketing method that fits into your small budget and very limited resource. You may use social media marketing because it’s free. But it’s time-consuming. It is also the same with blogging. So, how are you going to market […]

Google Search Indexing for App-Only Content

Google search indexing

Recently, Google has announced that they’re experimenting with its Google Search tool. Within Android, it can now index and rank content that only exists within the application itself. Apart from that, Google is also experimenting with its ability to stream content from the app without requiring users to download and install the actual app in […]