On-Site SEO Errors You Must Avoid

SEO errors you must avoid

SEO has massive overlap, and it has a technical aspect that gets neglected. Let’s tackle those SEO issues, because it’s more than likely that you’re making these SEO errors you must avoid. Use a nofollow tag to own URLs You may wish to keep some pages hidden to thin content pages or hide archives. Although […]

Google Algorithm Conversion – Will Your Site Survive?

Google Algorithm Conversion - Will Your Site Survive

Most of the time, website owners get caught in the sand when Google updates its algorithm conversion. Recently, Google encouraged businesses to ensure that their sites load quickly and flawlessly on any mobile devices. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t announce when its next algorithm update will happen, even though it makes small tweaks and overhauls all the […]

Online Marketing in 2016

  It’s 2016, and marketing online is more relevant than ever. With increasing numbers in mobile traffic, social media conversions, varying methods of advertising across multiple platforms, and various apps popping up in the mix, getting your business out there is exhilarating to say the least. Only a few years ago, options for online marketing […]

Which SEO Tools do SEO Experts Use?

If you have your own business and website you have probably looked into the best ways for you to market your business today. In all likelihood you have also heard the term Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. SEO is a strong marketing strategy that helps your website be optimized so that it can be successfully […]

Getting Ratings and Review from Clients

Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews from your clients stand out in Google’s search results. They are featured prominently in search results. Plus, they can entice potential customers to check your business out. This will enhance conversions and improve your search engine rankings. Do They Affect Rankings? Google and Bing haven’t confirmed that they use reviews in helping […]

Obtaining Satisfying Mobile Search Results after Utilizing Google Mobile Algorithm

google mobile

It has become common to see people taking coffee while engrossed in their Smart devices, whether phones or tablets in recent years. This social trend could compel business owners at all places to consider content management with more seriousness. The primary aspect of importance for any business keen on engaging their mobile audience is having […]