Danny Star Digital Marketing: Will ChatGPT Change Search?

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You have probably heard about ChatGPT on social media or from someone you know. It’s a chatbot that can simulate human-like responses. This is not a search engine. Danny Star’s digital marketing team has tried it. It’s genuinely impressive. But will it change the search?  Danny Star’s Digital Marketing and Search  With the rise of […]

How to Create a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy?

Danny Star’s Digital Marketing Services

Creating a digital marketing strategy can be quite complex. If you are new to online marketing, you might want to consider consulting with an expert. Danny Star’s digital marketing services will help you market your website for a bigger impact.  Custom-Tailored Approach of Danny Star’s Digital Marketing Services  Every site is different. Hence, the strategies […]

Can You Do SEO Yourself? Or Do You Really Need the Help of an SEO Expert?

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Danny Star has been asked many times about this question: “Can I do SEO myself?” The good news is that you can. You absolutely can do it yourself. There are tons of helpful guides you can find on SEOExpertdanny.com/blog.  Key Elements That Danny Star Wants You to Focus on When You DIY SEO  On-Page  It […]

Why Do Law Firms Embrace the Benefits of SEO?

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Business consultant Danny Star provides his SEO services to many law firms in LA. When he introduces this subject to lawyers, though, many of them wonder about its importance. After all, when people need their legal services, they will visit their law offices, right? Wrong.  SEO Services of Business Consultant Danny Star Consumers find a […]

Yes, Bolding Words Can Help with SEO

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Some SEO expert professionals don’t agree with it. But Google has already confirmed it. Bolded text in a paragraph can help your SEO efforts. It allows Google’s crawler to better understand your content better.  An SEO Expert Submitted a Question About the Benefits of Bolded Text  During the Google Search Central SEO hangout last week, […]

Danny Star Digital Marketing Helps You Find New Content Ideas

Danny Star Digital Marketing

Is there really anything that Danny Star Digital Marketing can help you with when it comes to generating content ideas? After all, isn’t generating ideas a very esoteric or very personal thing? This article isn’t about giving you ideas, it is about how you generate ideas when you are tasked daily to create ideas. It […]

How Danny Star Digital Marketing Service Can Move Your Marketing Campaign Online?

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This is an unsettling time. Many small businesses are struggling as they failed to adapt to the online platform before the coronavirus outbreak. They now find it difficult to drive revenue. But you are not alone. Don’t worry though as Danny Star digital marketing service is here to move your offline marketing strategy to digital.  […]