Getting to Know Click-to-Call of Google

Getting Click Call Google

The click-to-call of Google is a web-based communication implemented on websites. A person who’s visiting your site clicks on an object, for instance, to request a connection through a phone call, text or VOIP. In 2010, Google launched its call extensions that include a click-to-call feature. It’s a feature that allows advertisers to add their […]

Google Image Search Also Shows PDF Images

Google PDF Image Result

Google’s image search results include PDF images. This change was actually added in June this year. But only a few noticed it. One of those who noticed was Alex Chitu. The update was then confirmed by a Google staffer. According to Google, the latest update was added in June. The technology behind this update relies […]

Ranking Factors for Local SEO

Research has shown that the majority of searches are done for local, especially for business and other commercial entities. To benefit from this online market, you need to optimize your business website for local search. To effectively optimize your website, you need to first establish the various factors used in ranking for local search. Don’t […]