Is SEO Useful On eBay?

Is SEO Useful On eBay

Search engine optimization is known to be an effective way to market your content online. But is SEO useful on eBay?

Over the years, eBay changes its search function. Just like Google, it focuses on giving its users the best buying experience. That’s why it made improvements on shopping comparison tools so shoppers can find the items they’re looking for more efficiently.

Unfortunately, no trick can propel your eBay listing to the top of the search results. However, there are ways to optimize its search engine.

Use titles, subtitles and descriptions properly

Don’t use capital letters and special characters on your listing. And never use a misleading word.

eBay requires titles to have a maximum of 80 characters. In the description, you can be as detailed as possible, by including brand name, size and other attributes that can completely describe your products. But the description must be concise and in a professional manner.

In your description, make sure that the keywords are found at the beginning of the description and the end. Think of it is as a mini web page. So, use optimal keywords and appropriate formatting.

Avoid the use of Flash as eBay removes this kind of content. Also, avoid JavaScript code because it’ll compromise your content’s display on mobile devices.

Add your items to the right categories

Categories play a vital role on how your products are listed and how shoppers will find your products. The item specifics must include details about the brand, material, size, and color.

They appear at the top of your description and the site navigation of the category pages. In this way, shoppers can easily find the items that they wish to buy.

Is SEO Useful On eBay

Use identifiers

They can boost your listing’s visibility on eBay, as well as on search engines. Start using EAN, MPN, ISBN and other product identifiers to help with visibility and sales. You can use them even if the category you chose doesn’t require them.

Ensure your eBay store reflects your brand

It must include information about your products, categories and shipping options, among others. Your shop name and URL must be effective.

The About Me page should have internal links to your store, listings, and promotions. When you use images, use alt tags to help the search engine index the images.

Plan your strategy

Just like any SEO strategy, you need to plan before you implement the techniques. In this way, you can be sure of improving the quality of listing. Call us at SEO Expert Danny to clarify any doubts you may have: (855) 605-7361 (213) 457-3250