Google will Penalize Websites that are not Mobile Friendly Website on April 21st

Anyone whose website is not mobile friendly website risks losing web traffic, along with facing an appreciable drop in search engine rank some time to come, Google says. The software giant began sending webmasters warnings back in January for failing to comply with mobile best practices. The warnings appear to have been a foreboding of […]

SEO Expert Danny Urges Small Business Owners to take their Website Mobile

Mobile websites are fast turning into a necessity for small business owners. There are more than a billion smart phones today and mobile websites have started saturating the mobile space. This internet niche is already powering numerous advertisements, along with many other services, ranging from travel to weather applications. This trend is new and has […]

Google is Ready to Push Mobile sites Higher in Search – April 21st Google Algorithm Update

Google announced one of the most important algorithm updates that is going to take place on April 21st 2015. Google wants websites owners to make their websites  mobile friendly, since 2015 is the year that a mobile traffic is going outreach desktop traffic. Google published nice warning on their Webmaster’s blog ” Starting April 21st, we will […]

Google Showing Mobile Friendly Sites Higher on Mobile Device Search

  Mobile browsing is fast gaining popularity. And Google wants to make sure that websites become mobile friendly. Google started ranking mobile friendly sites higher and also highlights them with a mobile friendly tag. The latest development shows the importance of mobile friendly sites. Recently, Google sent out warnings via email and web master tools […]

Google Signed Contract with Twitter to Include it in SERP Results

Finding out and staying on top of all of the latest strategies involved in getting your website and business the best results possible can seem like an impossible task. The rules seem like they are always changing, with search engines like Google changing their criteria all of the time in what is most important in […]

What are Google AdSense and Google AdWords?

The Internet has exploded in recent years with people looking for ways to make money online. Even if it is just as extra income outside of a regular job, people are taking the opportunity to turn web pages, blogs, social media pages and more into business opportunities that can help them make more money. Thousands […]