SEO for YouTube

SEO for Youtube

SEO for YouTube is an important factor of any inbound marketing campaign. Videos contain important content of your company, business, or service. Since YouTube is the most popular video site, it’s ideal to publish your videos in this platform. Even if you are a B2B company, you should still consider publishing videos on YouTube to […]

How Does Google Handle New Top Level Domains


Google recently published pieces of information about how the company handles new domains. It has finally shed some light to resolve some of the webmasters’ questions. With the information provided by the tech giant, it eliminates misconceptions about how these assets must be treated. The search engine giant verified that its system treats the new […]

Successful Blog Integration to Your Website in Order to Increase Traffic

Building your online presence can be quite time-consuming. It’s also frustrating because the positive results don’t happen overnight. By successfully integrating your blog to your website, you’re not only increasing your local SEO but you’re also improving traffic to your site. Blogging doesn’t have to be a burden to your company. It may require effort […]

Content Marketing as One of Top SEO Priorities


Content marketing is not just a short-term deal. It’s not like a salesman selling a mobile phone. Rather, it’s a long-term deal to build a solid relationship with your readers, thereby, giving you different opportunities to convert them into buyers. Today, SEO no longer focuses on heavy link building. Instead, it now calls for serving […]