SEO Expert Team Visited Google Headquarters for LEAD Summit

Google search indexing

Last month, we were invited by Google for the Google Summit. It is an invite-only event that provided us the chance to have some quality time with other executives from top-level companies. The entire SEO expert team of SEO Expert Danny was there at the Google Headquarters for three days. LEAD Summit There were a […]

Important Google Factors for Local SEO

Local SEO

The importance of local SEO has grown. Thanks to the Pigeon and Penguin updates. Those who have already increased their local SEO efforts have seen better traffic. It is not a secret that Google favors local businesses or agile businesses than large companies. Google somehow helps small-business owners with limited resources to break new ground. […]

Increase Your Visibility By Using Videos

5 reasons video seo featured

The never-ending urge to ramp up your SEO drives business owners across the globe. In recent years, the best way to do that was by keeping fresh content on your page every day of the year. You’d spent countless hours typing away, hiring freelance writers, or respinning articles you found on the Internet just to […]

SEO Services by SEO Professionals

At SEO Expert Danny, you’ll enjoy SEO services by true SEO professionals. We’ll not only weave your website design but we’ll also optimize it for search engine. In that way, you’ll have a beautiful website design and strategies that you need to finally achieve your business goals. Our team will work with you every step […]

SEO Services for Ebay Sellers

Ebay SEO services can improve your Ebay store sales. They can also help your customers find your online store. With consistent search engine optimization strategy, traffic to your online store will increase and make your Ebay shop more successful. Title  and Description On your listing title, include up to three important keywords or phrases. This […]

Effective SEO Requires Modern SEO Strategy

SEO Strategies

Effective SEO can drive traffic to your website. Since search engine’s algorithm constantly changes, your site must be constantly updated as well. Once of the modern SEO strategies you must implement immediately is the use of responsive website design. Google has made it clear and made warnings to site owners that if their sites aren’t […]

Getting Ratings and Review from Clients

Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews from your clients stand out in Google’s search results. They are featured prominently in search results. Plus, they can entice potential customers to check your business out. This will enhance conversions and improve your search engine rankings. Do They Affect Rankings? Google and Bing haven’t confirmed that they use reviews in helping […]