Having Responsive Web Design Will Improve Your Ranking

Mobile web searches are becoming more common, these days. Thanks to the popularity of smart phones and tablets. By 2018, it is expected that the majority of Internet traffic will come from non-desktop, non-laptop devices. Recently, Google stated that it prefers to rank highly those sites with responsive design, which comes with frameworks that can […]

Search Engine Optimization in 2016

The Internet is a critical part of daily life and majority of individuals turn to it when seeking for specific products or services. It is vital to maintain an online presence in whichever industry one is involved. This calls for embracing Search Engine Optimization to stir up business growth. Focusing on Local Keywords for Success There […]

Seeking Online Reputation Management with SEO Expert

Companies for online reputation management can help you in achieving a good name for your web-based business. Such firms provide wide-ranging services designed for boosting and managing the reputation of your brand on the internet. Such services include maintenance of social networks, content management as well as specific marketing communications. A company would require someone […]

Google will Penalize Websites that are not Mobile Friendly Website on April 21st

Anyone whose website is not mobile friendly website risks losing web traffic, along with facing an appreciable drop in search engine rank some time to come, Google says. The software giant began sending webmasters warnings back in January for failing to comply with mobile best practices. The warnings appear to have been a foreboding of […]

SEO Expert Danny Urges Small Business Owners to take their Website Mobile

Mobile websites are fast turning into a necessity for small business owners. There are more than a billion smart phones today and mobile websites have started saturating the mobile space. This internet niche is already powering numerous advertisements, along with many other services, ranging from travel to weather applications. This trend is new and has […]