Google Search Indexing for App-Only Content

Google search indexing

Recently, Google has announced that they’re experimenting with its Google Search tool. Within Android, it can now index and rank content that only exists within the application itself. Apart from that, Google is also experimenting with its ability to stream content from the app without requiring users to download and install the actual app in […]

Black Friday Top Sales in 2015

Black Friday top sales

Black Friday is almost coming. As expected, different deals are still coming in. Currently, TVs are leading the pack. Most retailers are giving their customers big bargains. But these big bargains go fast, in-store and online. Sometimes, those deals are only offered through a mobile app. Flat Screen TV Some retailers are offering their 50-inch […]

Search Engine Optimization Today – Quality Links are Better Than Quantity

High Quality Links

Search engine optimization is a tough campaign. There are different opinions about the best way to be on the top rank. You can find websites that offer services of thousands of backlinks that will be delivered within a day or two. But this type of strategy can be damaging to your site as Google wants […]

SEO Expert Danny to Launch SEO Academy in 2016

SEO Academy

Danny Star will be launching a new site in 2016 that focuses on teaching SEO. It will be an SEO Academy that gives you basic and advanced training about search engine optimization. The concept of SEO Academy is not a new concept. However, this new site of SEO Expert Danny will be up-to-date as it […]

SEO Expert Team Visited Google Headquarters for LEAD Summit

Google search indexing

Last month, we were invited by Google for the Google Summit. It is an invite-only event that provided us the chance to have some quality time with other executives from top-level companies. The entire SEO expert team of SEO Expert Danny was there at the Google Headquarters for three days. LEAD Summit There were a […]

Important Google Factors for Local SEO

Local SEO

The importance of local SEO has grown. Thanks to the Pigeon and Penguin updates. Those who have already increased their local SEO efforts have seen better traffic. It is not a secret that Google favors local businesses or agile businesses than large companies. Google somehow helps small-business owners with limited resources to break new ground. […]

Increase Your Visibility By Using Videos

5 reasons video seo featured

The never-ending urge to ramp up your SEO drives business owners across the globe. In recent years, the best way to do that was by keeping fresh content on your page every day of the year. You’d spent countless hours typing away, hiring freelance writers, or respinning articles you found on the Internet just to […]

SEO Services by SEO Professionals

At SEO Expert Danny, you’ll enjoy SEO services by true SEO professionals. We’ll not only weave your website design but we’ll also optimize it for search engine. In that way, you’ll have a beautiful website design and strategies that you need to finally achieve your business goals. Our team will work with you every step […]