Utilizing Reverse SEO for Proactive Online Reputation Management

Regular and Reverse SEO

Online reputation management starts with the exercise of managing a brand in major search engines along with social media search results. It is important to consider what someone sees when they search online for your entity. Check whether the first several results depict your business in negative or positive light. A study at Cornell University […]

Bypass Google’s Doorway Ranking Adjustment

Last month, Google announced that it would be releasing a “doorway ranking adjustment” to deal with doorway pages, noting that this update would have “a broad impact” on sites utilizing doorway campaigns. SEO Expert Danny improves Google Search Engine Ranks At SEO Expert Danny, we’ve been helping our clients improve their Google search engine ranks […]

Having Responsive Web Design Will Improve Your Ranking

Mobile web searches are becoming more common, these days. Thanks to the popularity of smart phones and tablets. By 2018, it is expected that the majority of Internet traffic will come from non-desktop, non-laptop devices. Recently, Google stated that it prefers to rank highly those sites with responsive design, which comes with frameworks that can […]