What is an Organic Search Engine Optimization

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Organic search engine optimization is a white hat SEO tactic that focuses on a human audience, rather than concentrating on robots. If your site is optimized for search engines but it focuses on organic ranking, then, it’s regarded as a white hat SEO practice.   Because Google is currently the most powerful search engine, most […]

How to Improve Search Engine Rankings?

Search engine ranking

Whether your business is a brick-and-mortar shop or an eCommerce site, your company should be found by Google, which is currently the most popular search engines. If people can’t find your company on top of the search results, you’ll lose a lot of potential revenue. Now, if you’re not sure on how to improve your […]

Blog Posting in WordPress Best Practices for best SEO

Blog posts are one of top 5 priorities for successful SEO! Posting WordPress Blog Article Step by Step Navigate via website Scan the article (proofread)(bold keywords) Check Jetpack (publicized area) & SEO Yoast, profile Create post/copy paste article Add Feature image Add Secondaries images (2 images per 400 words per page) Part of image should […]

Google Search Console Search Analytics Data Delayed on Average for 3 Days

google analytics

Did you notice that your search analytics report isn’t updated anymore? Well, you’re not alone in this. There’s no need to panic, though. It’s not just your data that’s not up-to-date. Some webmasters are experiencing it, too. And Google is trying to fix it. In the past few weeks, Google Search Console is experiencing issues […]

Google Releases the Full Version of Their Search Quality Rating Guidelines

seo web consultant

For the first time in history, Google releases the full version of their search quality rating guidelines. It’s a 160-page PDF and it contains all the guidelines that the company is using to assess the quality of its search results. Why released it now? The reason for its release is the increasing number of people […]