Measuring SEO Performance

Measuring search engine optimization Performance

SEO is a mixture of art and science. But just like other marketing channels, it’s accountable, and its performance can be measured. By regularly monitoring and measuring your site’s SEO performance will help you manage your SEO campaign more effectively. When measuring your site’s SEO performance, you need to consider what really matters. For example, […]

Increasing Online Sales Through SEO

Increasing Online Sales Through search engine optimization

SEO is one of the effective ways that can boost your online sales through traffic. But some marketers today are integrating SEM into their SEO campaign. These two are two different things as the former focuses on making your website visible to a general audience while SEO involves enhancing your ranking in Google search results. […]

SEJ Summit in 2016 – What to Look Forward to?

Our award-winning search engine marketing consultant Danny Star is one of the attendees of this year’s SEJ Summit. The Search Engine Journal sponsors this summit, which is considered as a highly anticipated gathering of digital marketers across the US. The SEJ Summit in 2016 is a boutique marketing for big brand marketers. Unfortunately, it’s an […]

How to Use AMP in WordPress?

Use AMP in Wordpress

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a project of Google that can be compared to Facebook’s Instant Articles. But, unlike Facebook’s project, AMP is an open source. With its benefits, it’s been embraced by big players and Automattic is the most notable player. In October, Automattic announced that it was supporting AMP and released a plugin for […]

What Does It Mean for Marketers and Users When Google Killed Right Hand Side Ads?


In February 2016, Google removed all PPC ads from the right-hand side of its search engine results page. The removal had an immediate, global effect. There are many speculations about the effects of it for businesses, advertisers, and users. But for businesses, the top-of-the-page  paid result will be more expensive and cutthroat. For highly commercial […]

Google Algorithm Conversion – Will Your Site Survive?

Google Algorithm Conversion - Will Your Site Survive

Most of the time, website owners get caught in the sand when Google updates its algorithm conversion. Recently, Google encouraged businesses to ensure that their sites load quickly and flawlessly on any mobile devices. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t announce when its next algorithm update will happen, even though it makes small tweaks and overhauls all the […]