Irregular Blog Posters Do Better – Try It for Yourself

This is a tough subject because people are looking for hard and fast rules on when they should post to their blog, and yet there is no sufficient answer to that question. The rules seem to vary from blog to blog, which is why we suggest you try a variety of blogging schedules. Quality Comes […]

I Have Never Checked My Analytics, Am I Missing All That Much?

If you are not checking your analytics, such as your Google Analytics or your Google Webmaster Tools, then yes, you are missing something, and no, you are not. The truth is that a website can get by quite well, and quite successfully by only checking your analytics twice per year. Why You Need To Check […]

Your Amazon Affiliate Website Will Always Be Hobbled in SEO Terms

Take this from us at, your Amazon affiliate website “can” make money, but you cannot rely on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to draw traffic because Amazon affiliate websites are not search engine friendly. Amazon Affiliate Websites Are Too Common There are literally thousands of Amazon affiliate websites. The Amazon affiliate program is very easy […]

How to Make Your Images Pull Their SEO Weight

No matter how much we experiment, we cannot disprove that images are supercharged traffic magnets. We have tried our best to disprove this notion since it seems silly that Google would allocate such an uneven weight to the search engine friendliness of images, but the fact is that images are very search engine friendly. Use […]

Comedy Will Attract Traffic, But Is Not Search Engine Friendly

You “can” get traffic with good comedy. You can get it for your website, you can draw it from search engines, it will arrive via apps, web spiders will seek it out, and it will certainly arrive through social media. Funny content, be it videos, jokes, stories, GIFs, or whatever, will get traffic to your […]

Loading Times Are Holding Back Smaller and Low-funded Websites

We have done extensive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work at and we have discovered several advantages that larger branded websites have that you do not. The obvious advantages are things like name recognition, high-level affiliate advertising, and marketing teams. However, one of the less-known benefits are loading times. We Optimized To 100% Do you […]

Why Attracting Only 5 People Per Week Per Article Should Be Your Goal

“The foolish man who built his house on sand.” That was a quote from the bible, and it suggests that one needs a strong foundation if one wishes to build anything meaningful. Selling SEO services the way we do at is viciously difficult. Not only do we have to fight to push back against […]

Is Keyword Research Becoming a Hollow Act?

Keyword research is becoming a hollow act for several reasons. The most pressing reason is that Google and Bing are not really bothered about keywords anymore. They still matter, especially with Google images, but for the most part, you are wasting your time. Find out why in this article. What if you Pick the Very […]