How to Design Web for Inbound Marketing?

Design Web Inbound Marketing

Having an active website can offer massive benefits to your business. Pairing it with inbound marketing can give you greater benefits and generate more traffic and high-quality leads. A website with inbound marketing strategy provides value to just a small group of narrowly defined people. On this list, let’s take a look at some of […]

How to Optimize Your Images to Improve Site Speed?

Optimize Images Improve Site Speed

Site speed is vital. Unfortunately, for content marketers, improving site’s speed can be an arduous technical task the can go out of control. But is it really? According to Google, site speed does matter. If your site is slower, your search engine ranking will suffer. However, you should not speed up your site because Google […]

Getting to Know Click-to-Call of Google

Getting Click Call Google

The click-to-call of Google is a web-based communication implemented on websites. A person who’s visiting your site clicks on an object, for instance, to request a connection through a phone call, text or VOIP. In 2010, Google launched its call extensions that include a click-to-call feature. It’s a feature that allows advertisers to add their […]

GBoard – How It Will Affect SEO?

GBoard Will Affect SEO

Some SEO experts consider GBoard as a new SERP. It’s a search engine results page that’s generated by the new keyboard of Google for iOS. Released weeks ago, Gboard flipped search results 90 degrees. It displays new horizontal format and the how the results are shown may differ from the regular mobile search listings. But […]

How to Clean Your SEO Strategy?

Clean SEO Strategy

Cleaning means getting rid of things that you don’t need. Some SEO specialists don’t think that an SEO strategy doesn’t need cleaning. But it does. Here at SEO Expert Danny, we constantly monitor and clean some plans to ensure that they’re still useful in today’s SEO. It’s important to evaluate the efficiency of your SEO […]

Easy Ways to Use Social Media For Your Marketing Campaign

Use Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social media can offer you endless possibilities for establishing your brand, building your online presence, etc. However, social media marketing is not a one-size-fits-all technique. The good thing is that there are established best practices that can help you get started and make your campaign a success. Obtain real followers or fans When you’re new […]