How To Improve Page Speed Score To Boost SEO And Conversions

Google emphasized the importance of fast page load speed. But does it affect SEO? How about conversions? The simple answer to these questions is yes. Proper maintenance on your website can boost SEO and conversions. Before you can boost your page speed score, you need to know how fast your site loads. One of the […]

The End of Google Instant

More and more people are using their mobile devices to search for anything on the net. That’s why Google wants to make sure that their search experience is better than their desktop’s. As the company continues to prioritize mobile devices, it decides the end of Google Instant. This feature allows users to see search results […]

Google’s TV Ad Infrastructure

Google believes that television is the final frontier. Hence, it’s doing its best to become an essential player in the TV ad infrastructure. That’s why it tries to convince various TV companies to use its video ad tech software. That way, it can help in displacing Comcast. So it’s important to understand Google’s TV Ad Infrastructure […]

Contest Ideas For Social Media

As a social media marketer, you need fans on social media. However, your fans become more valuable when you engage with them. To get more fans involved, you need to conduct contests. These contest ideas for Social Media will entice your followers to share your posts. Games are ideal for promoting your posts without having […]

Blog Posting in Minutes – How Long Does it Take to Post a Blog

Blog posts are one of top 5 priorities for successful SEO!   Posting Article Step by Step Navigate via website (1 min) Scan the article (proofread)(bold keywords) (1min) Check Jetpack (publicized area) & SEO Yoast, profile        (1 min) Create post/copy paste article (1min) Add Feature image (1min) Add Secondary image (1min) Add hyperlinks (besides one […]

Driving More eCommerce Sales With Low Marketing Budget

Driving More eCommerce Sales With Low Marketing Budget

eCommerce market continues to expand. The majority of Americans prefer online shopping. That’s why it’s the best market for your business. They visit online stores more than they go to brick-and-mortar stores. But with the popularity of eCommerce, it means that you have vast numbers of competitors who are also trying to attract the same […]

How To Plan Your Marketing Calendar In 2018?

How To Plan Your Marketing Calendar in 2018

In less than two months, we’ll be welcoming the new year. Marketers like you must plan for the year. Now is the right time for you to think about the future. Find more resources to help you grow your market share. When you plan your marketing calendar for next year, you should consider replaying your previous […]