Ways to Improve Your eCommerce Traffic in 2018

eCommerce traffic

It can be a real challenge to promote your commerce site to consumers and purchase from you. And even if you have all the products and services that your customers need, they may still choose to go to a well-established retailer. Generating eCommerce traffic is indeed a challenging task that every new eCommerce site faces […]

Tactics to Find Link Partners to Boost SEO

Boost SEO

Link building remains one of the most effective ways to boost SEO. But you need to form an online link partnership with related sites. It’s true that you need to create a lot of great posts so that blog owners would naturally link to your site. However, this can only happen occasionally. What you need […]

Should You Still Consider Organic Social Media Marketing?

Organic Social Media Marketing

Organic social media marketing is getting harder and harder to obtain results. When Facebook News Feed changed, it reduced the organic feed as it focused on the people-first initiative. As a result, business pages exposure declined. It’s now estimated that only six percent of your audience could see your posts. Should You Consider Buying Social […]

Reasons You Need to Use Social Media in Your Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing

Modern marketers may always find themselves handling multiple accounts on various social media sites. Although it’s daunting, it’s necessary because being social can positively affect the buyer’s journey. But why would you continue your social media marketing? Is it even a lucrative channel when you need to nurture prospects? Driving Targeted Traffic It doesn’t matter […]

Reasons eCommerce Sites Fail

eCommerce sites

Are you planning to put up an eCommerce business for your brand? If you are, then make sure that you avoid these common mistakes that most eCommerce sites make. Else, your site will suffer in the long run. Use of Poor Quality Images Shopping online is different from traditional shopping. That is, customers can’t pick […]

Are H1 Tags Still Vital for SEO?

H1 Tags

Some site owners are modifying their sites to help them rank higher in the SERP. One of the things that they do is to place H1 tags where necessary. But with the Google updates, are H1 tags still important to rank higher on Google? The H1 tags MAY help in improving rankings in the SERPs. […]