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Form Follows Fun
User Interface Design, Interactive Television, iTV, Multimedia Production, Interactive Communications, Broadcast Media, pan-language User Experience, Software...

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h1 Form and Function
h1 electronica by Jonathan Gibson
h1 S T A R S W E P T
h1 S T A R S W E P T
h1 S T A R S W E P T
h1 S T A R S W E P T
h1 S T A R S W E P T
h1 S T A R S W E P T
h2 Web of Worlds
h2 Web of Worlds
h2 Web of Worlds
h2 Web of Worlds
h2 Web of Worlds
h2 Burning Mettle
h2 Web of Worlds
h3 Iffy Whether
h3 Todd Clark
h3 Out of the Blue : Into The Black (excerpts)
h3 Children of the One and Twenty
h3 Nim @ UNO_GreenSpace Gaia orbiting Earth
h3 All the News Fit for Bits
h3 Fernando Doval @ New York, Manhattan, 300 meters
h3 Split Infinities Todd @ UNO_GreenSpace Gaia orbiting Earth 

h3 Todd @ UNO_GreenSpace Gaia orbiting Earth 

h3 Todd @ UNO_GreenSpace Gaia orbiting Earth 

h3 Protector
h3 New Dawns for Old
h3 Protector
h3 * @ *
h3 Conceptual
h3 Stratagems
h3 Tactical
h3 Electronica
h3 Signals
h3 Visualization
h3 Academia
h3 VideoSphere
h3 UPC/Chello
h3 IMTX-8000
h3 Telestream
h3 Astound
h3 InterVideo
h3 Apple
h3 Wraptures
h3 Adobe
h3 Adaptec
h3 Robert Abel
h3 Burning Labs
h3 Mosaic
h3 Mouton
h3 Radius
h3 Appy Toys
h3 MediaVision
h3 RasterOps
h3 CrypoRights
h3 Burning Man
h3 Rose Mural
h3 Starswept
h4 Helios Spinnace : Mama @ Far Spoke 3.1+45°
h4 Operator
h4 Producer
h4 Management
h4 Interface Design
h4 Communications
h4 Image Arts
h4 Eye+Hand+Mind
h4 David Best
h4 Rachel Rutherford
h4 Patrick Sweeney
h4 Ken Cope
h4 Morgan Newman
h4 Will Kreth
h4 Seymour Rubinstein
h4 ... more degrees of Kevin Bacon:  
h5 Wrapping boxes of complexity in ribbons ofsimplicity since the Dawn of Multimedia
h5 industrial imagination
h5 goals and methods
h5 product actualization
h5 man-vs-machine
h5 conveying complexity
h5 Show and Tell
h5 professional editor
h5 Amsterdam iTV rollout
h5 broadcast strength multimedia
h5 ClipMail videofax
h5 VideoDirector Jr
h5 WinDVD
h5 Various Projects
h5 smart-pixel textures
h5 Macromedia, Paracomp, Authorware
h5 Roxio, Toast, & friends...
h5 Guernica project
h5 ChopFits
h5 The Internet Begins
h5 Space Shuttle Launcher
h5 Room With Many Views
h5 Virtual Pets
h5 Interactive Techno Thriller
h5 Artist-in-Residence
h5 Secure your privacy
h5 Temples of Remembrance
h5 Portlandia
h5 Web of Worlds
h5 International Artist
h5 Northern California
h5 Burning Man Temples
h5 Senior Lecturer
h5 Game Software Design and Production,
h5 Digipen Institute of Technology
h5 Executive Director
h5 Product Management,
h5 CEO at Talari Networks
h5 Course Director/Instructor
h5 Ex'pression College for Digital Arts,
h5 Walt Disney Imagineering alumni
h5 Creative Planet
h5 Architext
h5 co-founder A N D
h5 Director Media Strategies
h5 Warner Communications,
h5 Wired magazine pioneer
h5 Creator of 1st word processor
h5 Wordstar
h5 Project : WebThresher
h5 John Barco, Netscape, Mozilla
h5 Jeff Burkhart, talent agent-provocateur
h5 Allan De Bevoise, Machinima founder
h5 Andrew Eisner, MacUser, author
h5 Julian Gomez, Frog Design
h5 Eric Herrmann, Mile IQ
h5 Bill Hensler, Pixvana
h5 Rhonda Hughes, PrintVision
h5 Mike Mikels, Burning Man founder
h5 Tim Morgan, Nuance
h5 David Pogue, NYT, Yahoo!
h5 Randy Riggins, ImMIX, Adobe
h5 Doug Rushkoff, author
h5 Dave Schargel, Alladin, Walking Tours
h5 Mark Safire, Bloomberg
h5 Bill Schulze, Gracenote
h5 Ty Roberts, Lightsource
h5 Will Volk, {stealth-mode}
h6 u n d e r   c o n s t r u c t i o n
h6 senior interface designer
h6 director of production
h6 lead designer
h6 Designer
h6 Product Designer
h6 Designer
h6 Designer + Producer
h6 Designer, Developer + Publisher
h6 Developer + Publisher
h6 Senior Designer
h6 Interface Designer
h6 Puzzle-Utensil co-Creator
h6 First Web Designer, ever?
h6 Magician's Apprentice
h6 Designer + Producer
h6 Creator + Designer
h6 Interface Designer
h6 Advanced Video + Displays
h6 Lead Designer
h6 Willing Minion
h6 Artist
h6 Writer, Art Design, Creator

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Your Description: User Interface Design, Interactive Television, iTV, Multimedia Production, Interactive Communications, Broadcast Media, pan-language User Experience, Software Design, Project Management, Mural, Tromp l-oie, and other agit-prop media: Portfolio and screen examples.

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