Should You Optimize Your Site for Voice Search? How?

Voice Search

There are changes in how people search for details online. It turns out, more and more individuals are utilizing voice search through their tablets, smartphones or voice assistants. If you’re an Apple device user, Siri is your best assistant. Android, on the other hand, has Google voice search. Whatever voice assistant you use, these voice devices enable people to ask a question to get information from their device. For that reason, there are several factors you would want to optimize your site for voice search.

But optimizing it requires a lot of tactics from traditional SEO. Here are some ways to optimize your site for it.

Voice Search

Use Conversational Keywords

These keywords are long-tail keywords with conversational phrases. You need to add them to optimize your site for conversational search. They mimic how people actually talk and ask questions verbally. Think about the questions you ask when customers call you on the phone. Write them down.

When you have a list of those questions, create content pages focusing on those conversational search terms.

Don’t Forget to Utilize Structured Data Markup

You need to apply proper schemas to make sure that voice search devices will get more information about your content. Structured data markup is vital for your site because it provides more information. It also makes it easier for the search engines to parse your content and get a better understanding of its context.

Get Google My Business Listing

You must claim your Google My Business listing to help Google know more about your business. The information would include the category of your business, phone number, address, etc.

After claiming the listing, make sure that you update it regularly. Keep in mind that most voice searches are local. Updating the listing will boost your site’s chances of appearing each time a voice search is performed that is related to your business or location.

Optimizing your site for voice searches can be a difficult task if you’re not sure what you’re doing. That’s why it is best to leave this task to the SEO experts. The team at SEO Expert Danny understands the nuances of voice search. Because of that, they can do a better job of making sure that your site is discovered by your target market.

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