Must-Have Tools For SEO Professionals

Must-Have Tools For SEO Professionals

The most successful SEO professional utilize the best tools that allow them to find new opportunities, keep track of SEO trends, and save time, among others. But these tools aren’t just for SEO experts. Rather, they’re also ideal for digital marketing managers, social media marketers, bloggers, and so on and so forth. There are different types of must-have tools for SEO professionals.

Keyword analysis

It’s one of the must-have SEO tools for SEO experts. The reason for this is that keywords are vital for SEO. Keywords help the search engine in determining the relevance of your site.

However, finding the most useful keywords has become difficult because of the “hiding” feature of Google Adwords’ Keyword Planner.

But there are other keyword analysis tools that you can use besides Adwords Keyword Planner. Regardless of what tool you’re using, you must learn how to interpret the data. How you’ll use them will make the difference.

At SEO Expert, we provide our own keyword research tool. However, we don’t just settle on one device, but we utilize plenty of tools to help us determine the most relevant keywords for our clients.


The ranking tool is vital for any SEO campaign because it can tell about your site’s current rank. With it, you’ll know which of your online marketing tricks are working best. In that way, you can focus on implementing similar efforts while you maximize ROI.

The use of this ranking tool is beneficial because you don’t have to spend hours wading through every page of the search results.

Must-Have Tools For SEO Professionals

Google Search Console is one of the free tools you can use to help you monitor your site’s ranking. It has a Search Analytics tab that collates keywords that you’re currently ranking for.


You also need a tool that can help you determine whether your content is making an impact on your strategy. It lets you create unique ideas. This tool is vital because you need fresh content regularly if you wish your site to be relevant and engaging for your audience. But your content must be fully optimized for your users and the search engines.

Our content creators at SEO Expert will produce regular content for your website. We integrate the most relevant keywords to your site’s content to ensure that your users and search engine can find it.

Link building

Links are still a vital ranking factor. But link building today is trickier than it was before. Thanks to Google updates.

If you’re keen to know more about link building, consult with our SEO experts at SEO Expert Danny by calling (213) 457-3250