Ways To Make Sure Your Content Gets Higher Rank On Google

Ways To Make Sure Your Content Gets Higher Rank On Google

In digital marketing, content is still the king. Even though Google’s algorithm changes frequently, the primary goal is still to ensure Google’s users will consume high-quality content. For that reason, the search engine giant ranks websites that offer quality content with relevant keywords and landing pages. To make sure that your content marketing strategy will […]

SEO Hacks For Your WordPress Site

SEO Hacks For Your Wordpress Site

All business owners want their sites to be search-engine friendly to improve sales and leads. However, they are so busy that they can quickly forget to inspect their website, thereby, hurting their SEO efforts in the end. In this post, you will find some SEO hacks that boost your WorPress SEO. Update Regularly Google wants […]

What are Rich Snippets?

What are Rich Snippets

Introduced in 2009, rich snippets served as a sneak preview of a Google search result. It adds extra information to a listing to further assist users in finding what they’re looking for. Depending on the content of a page, the additional details will include customer reviews, event information, etc. To help your page become eligible […]

What is Quality Content for Google?

Google utilizes sophisticated algorithm. For that reason, it is difficult for your site to reach a higher rank. That’s why SEO has been created to help businesses in getting their sites ranked high on the search engines. Some tricks are worth your time and money; while others are rarely worth it. Instead, hire an SEO […]

What is The Future of Web Design?

What is The Future of Web Design

It was only in 1976 when computers started to be a part of any office. In 1996, the Internet took off with only 50,000 websites. Then, in 2006, web devices and responsive design became the latest trends. This year, Google will handle more than two trillion searches. Furthermore, a webmaster has to deal with the […]

Using My Activity Privacy Tool of Google

Using My Activity Privacy Tool of Google

Google is known to collect information when its users browse the Internet through Google’s browser. It also collects data when they use its apps and services. But do you ever wonder what type of data that the company collects from you? Introducing My Activity Privacy Tool. It is a new tool that allows you to […]