Website Depot Digital Marketing Agency Named “Best SEO Consultants in 2022”

Website Depot Digital Marketing Agency Named “Best SEO Consultants in 2022”

EXCERPT: Google (and by extension, its users) are looking for the best possible examples of the keywords they’re searching for. So, as you might imagine, keywords like “best SEO consultants 2022” are quite competitive. We always recommend to our clients that the best ways to get those organic backlinks and off-page optimization are through doing […]

Reasons Why Buying Backlinks is Probably the Dumbest Way to Waste Your Money

We at are not saying that buying backlinks is a bad idea. In fact, if you do it correctly, it can add a little warmth to your promotional and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts. However, the most common method for buying backlinks is so pointless that it is an absolute waste of money. Let […]

How to SEO Promote Websites in Affiliate-Unfriendly Genres (Violence, Adult, Etc)

Why does violence and adult material matter when promoting a website via SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? In many cases, it does not matter at all, but there are several rules regarding adult/violent content, especially when it comes to affiliate advertisements. This article explains the problem and how to get around it. Adult Content From this […]

Which Social Media Platforms Offer Almost No Search Engine Benefit

We at have experimented comprehensively with different social media platforms in order to measure their SEO benefit. Be aware that this article is all about search engine benefit, it is not about traffic. For example, one of the social media platforms that offers very little search engine benefit is Instagram. Yet, it is possible […]

Irregular Blog Posters Do Better – Try It for Yourself

This is a tough subject because people are looking for hard and fast rules on when they should post to their blog, and yet there is no sufficient answer to that question. The rules seem to vary from blog to blog, which is why we suggest you try a variety of blogging schedules. Quality Comes […]

I Have Never Checked My Analytics, Am I Missing All That Much?

If you are not checking your analytics, such as your Google Analytics or your Google Webmaster Tools, then yes, you are missing something, and no, you are not. The truth is that a website can get by quite well, and quite successfully by only checking your analytics twice per year. Why You Need To Check […]

Your Amazon Affiliate Website Will Always Be Hobbled in SEO Terms

Take this from us at, your Amazon affiliate website “can” make money, but you cannot rely on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to draw traffic because Amazon affiliate websites are not search engine friendly. Amazon Affiliate Websites Are Too Common There are literally thousands of Amazon affiliate websites. The Amazon affiliate program is very easy […]

How to Make Your Images Pull Their SEO Weight

No matter how much we experiment, we cannot disprove that images are supercharged traffic magnets. We have tried our best to disprove this notion since it seems silly that Google would allocate such an uneven weight to the search engine friendliness of images, but the fact is that images are very search engine friendly. Use […]