Why You Need Search Engine Optimization for Your Website

It is safe to say that information that people desire is more accessible to them than ever before in the history of humankind. The internet is swimming with information and it can be incredibly difficult for internet users to be able to wade through the leagues of information and end up on your website. Luckily, […]

Google Chooses Shutterstock for Its Ad Products Images

Google Chooses Shutterstock for Its Ad Products Images

Recently, Google chose Shutterstock, a global provider of licensed images, videos, and music, to deliver images with its Google Advertising products. This picture licensing deal will allow users of Adsense, Adwords, Admob and other advertising products access to the provider’s collection of millions of images for license. The API technology of Shutterstock can be easily […]

How to Use AMP in WordPress?

Use AMP in Wordpress

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a project of Google that can be compared to Facebook’s Instant Articles. But, unlike Facebook’s project, AMP is an open source. With its benefits, it’s been embraced by big players and Automattic is the most notable player. In October, Automattic announced that it was supporting AMP and released a plugin for […]

How SEO Expert Danny Can Help Your Site Get Enough

SEO Expert Danny is known to be a visionary and a trusted search engine optimization expert. You need your SEO Expert to be visionary and can be trusted as your website is your business’ window to the Internet. That’s why our clients choose us to be their SEO partner and strategist as they know that […]