Tips on Building a Mobile eCommerce Store in 2018

a Mobile eCommerce Store

The number of individuals using their mobile devices when browsing the web is increasing. However, most of the eCommerce stores were designed for desktop browsing. And if your site is one of them, you need to consider having a mobile eCommerce store. If not, you can watch your sales go down the drain.

If you’re not offering a positive experience on mobile, your site won’t survive. New stores should consider mobile first. Older stores, on the other hand, should make their site mobile-friendly.

To build a mobile eCommerce store in 2018, here are some factors to consider:

Build It with Responsive Design

Responsive design enables your site to expand or contract without affecting the user’s experience regardless of the device being used. Hiring a reliable web developer, like SEO Expert Danny, can modify your site’s code to ensure that your web design can be accessed by different devices.

Apart from having a responsive design, you need to analyze your buttons and other interactive elements on your site. Make sure that all of them would work with mobile users. Although in most cases, optimizing those elements would work fine with desktop users, you need to test it out.

a Mobile eCommerce Store

Make the Checkout Process Eas

Your mobile eCommerce store should have a simplified version of the checkout process. It’s vital because making the overall process of purchasing a product on your site painless will lead to more sales.

Have a Native App

Besides mobile eCommerce store, you should also consider having a native mobile app. This option allows your potential customers to access an entire range of on-device features. Keep in mind that native app is not distributed through the web. Rather, your users have to download it from the app stores.

Consider Getting a Subdomain

It’s a useful option if you can’t build a responsive site. In here, you’ll be redirecting your mobile visitors to your site’s subdomain. But you still need to develop a mobile-friendly site on your subdomain. The objective here is to create a new mobile-friendly site structure and not to build an entirely new site. You can just call the images and copy from your current main site. This method will make it easier for you to manage two sites.

Whatever option you choose, make sure that your site satisfies the needs of your mobile users. If you need further help in making a mobile eCommerce store in 2018, please contact SEO Expert Danny at +1 (213) 457-3250.